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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I schedule my session?

A: Please use the Contact form to schedule your session, or you can reach me by telephone at (206) 225-8711.


Q: What’s the difference between the Petite Newborn Session and the Boutique Newborn Session?

A: The Petite Newborn Session is limited to one hour in the studio. We spend the entire hour focused on photographing baby by themselves in the simplest of set ups.  Your baby will be posed and photographed with a few different backdrops, however, props will not be incorporated into these sessions.  The Petite Newborn Session offers an alternative option for parents who are looking to save money and time.


Q:  When should I call to schedule my newborn session?

A:  It’s never too early to schedule your newborn session.  I’ve already started booking clients well into the winter of 2017.  It’s definitely best to call when baby is still in your belly as I can only accommodate a certain number of sessions each month.


Q:  How old should my baby be for their session?

A:  The ‘ideal’ window for those sleepy-curly poses is between 5-1o days after birth.  Premies can typically be a bit older.  All babies are different, however and some sleep quite well at 3+ weeks while others are wide awake at 7 days.  You are added to our schedule according to your due date allowing wiggle room for the early and late arrivals.  It’s important that we are notified as soon as baby arrives so we can formally schedule a date for your session.


Q:  I’m expecting twins (triplets, etc.).  Does that cost more?

A:  We do not charge additional for multiples 🙂


Q:  We would like photos with our baby’s brothers/sisters.  Do you charge extra for siblings?

A:  Sibling and parent images are photographed during the boutique newborn session at no extra charge.  When siblings are photographed with baby, they tend to take a little extra time and planning, so please notify us ahead of time if you plan to bring other children to your session. Sibling and parent images are NOT included during the petite newborn session.


Q:  Do you offer Maternity sessions?

A:  Maternity sessions are only available as an add-on to one of our newborn collections.  Maternity sessions are photographed outdoors in or around Maple Valley/ Issaquah area – weather permitting.  We are happy to include spouses and other children in your outdoor maternity session. We also have a collection of maternity gowns that you are welcome to use during your session.  On request and during colder months, maternity sessions may be photographed in the studio in Issaquah instead.


Q:  What is the charge for Milestone sessions? When are they usually done?

A:  We put more emphasis on baby’s development stage than their age and therefor recommend scheduling their first milestone session when they are able to sit unsupported (usually around 6-7 months) and their second session when they are able to stand on their own (usually around one year.)  These sessions take place in my home studio in Maple Valley.  We incorporate props and different sets ups to provide a variety of images for you to choose from.  Milestone session fees range from $125-$175.


Q:  I’m expecting a boy and we are planning to circumcise.  How long do we need to wait before having his photos taken?

A:  We recommend scheduling your circumcision after the photo session, if possible.  Otherwise, please allow at least 5 days for healing.


Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:  We accept all major credit cards and cash when paying in person.  Credit cards can be used for paying session fees online as well.


Q:  How much do I need to put down as a deposit to schedule my session?

A:  Payment of your session fee is required to schedule.   Your session fee is non-refundable in the event of client cancellation.


Q: Are products included with my session fee?

A: Products and Digital images are not included with your session fee.  They are purchased separately, during your in-person viewing and ordering appointment.


Q:  When do I view and order my photos?

A:  We will schedule an in-person viewing and ordering appointment approximately 2 weeks after your session where you will view your photos and place your order.


Q:  Do you offer payment plans?

A: We can offer a payment plan on a case-by-case basis.  Arrangements MUST be made prior to your session in order to qualify.


Q:  I’m not sure which products I would like to order. When do I need to decide?

A:  You do not need to choose your products until you view the images from your session. I do recommend that you start to think about what types of products will work with you and fit within your home ahead of time. Our pre-portrait consultation will help us to create the right products for you. In addition to the option of Creating Your Own Collection, you will have the ability to order from an a-la-carte digital list as well.


Q:  Where does the session take place?

A:  All newborn and milestone sessions are done in my commercial studio in downtown Issaquah.  We are located inside studio 26 at Gilman Village.  During the warmer months, there is an option for adding on an outdoor session as well.


Q:  Do you offer on-location newborn sessions?  Will you come to my home?

A:  I only offer on-location newborn sessions selectively and there is an additional travel fee.  Please inquire for more information.


Q:  What do I need to do to get ready for my session?  Do I need to bring anything?

A:  New moms have a lot on their plate after having given birth.  I try not to load you down with too many extra things to think about.  You will receive a preparation letter from me a few days before your session to help you prepare and answer any additional questions you might have.  You do not need to bring any props with you.  For milestone sessions, I ask parents to bring a few different clothing options to provide more variety.