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Liam’s Newborn Session | 18 days {Seattle Newborn Photographer}

Every once in a while, I schedule a newborn session just outside of the typical ‘5-10’ day window. Anyone who has children knows that babies can be quite unpredictable.  Some of the newborns I have photographed, have barely slept.  Some sleep so deeply that they don’t even wake up when I’m moving them into different poses!  Even with those wide awake babies, generally they sleep for at least a little while so we can capture some great shots!  One reason most newborn photographers aim for that 5-10 window is that usually they’re still a bit sleepy.  They’re bones haven’t quite fused so they’re also a tad more pliable.  (Those  little curly poses can only be achieved when the baby is still very new.)  But this little guy, even at 18 days, was a total rockstar!  He slept so well during his session that we got through several poses in our limited time together.  I’m sharing a few of my faves from his session for all of you to see.

As of now, I’m booking newborns into 2015.  If you’re expecting a baby and you’re interested in working with me, please contact me for more information on how to schedule.

Seattle newborn-baby photographerSeattle newborn-baby photographerSeattle newborn-baby photographerSeattle newborn-baby photographer

Seattle newborn-baby photographer