seattle newborn photographer

What to Expect

There are very few things that I enjoy more than cuddling up with a brand new little baby.  I love their tiny little features, their adorable expressions, their ‘new baby’ scent… if I could stop time, my children would have stayed just like that for  much longer than they did!  Sadly, those early days go by way too quickly.  It’s as if they are growing right before our very eyes. Each day brings with it new milestones; smiling, laughing, rolling over, crawling, graduating from high school. Okay, well maybe it doesn’t go by quite that fast, but in many ways, it really does seem like it!

For this reason. the ideal timeframe to photograph a newborn baby is between 5 and 10 days of birth. This window gives us the best chance to capture those sleepy, curly poses. Your little one is also less likely to have baby acne when photographed under two weeks.  However, all babies are different!  While the suggested window is typically what works best, it most certainly is not a requirement! Babies can be photographed at any age and gorgeous images of your little one can still be created.

Newborn sessions are done in my home studio using natural light. Most sessions will last between 2-3 hours (some less, some more depending on baby) allowing time for set up changes, feeding, soothing and settling.  Prior to your scheduled session, we will have a pre-consultation (either in person, over the phone or via email) to talk about you and your family; your likes, your dislikes, your goals for your session, etc. so that I may do my best to create personalized set ups that match your style. You will also receive detailed information about what to expect on the day of your session and how to plan to have the best chances of success.

About two weeks after your session, you’ll return to view a full gallery of edited images and create your order.   Most orders will be ready for pickup within 3 weeks.

It is never too early to schedule! Please CONTACT ME to find out more information.